About CIS
Our main goal for CIS Moss is to be a school with the highest quality in all areas. We have small classes with dedicated and skilled teachers. All students will be challenged at their level, and we have a strong focus on basic skills in Norwegian, mathematics and English.The school have U.S., British, other international and Norwegian teachers. The Norwegian teachers teach in the Norwegian and arts. The other subjects are being taught by English teachers, so students learn English at a high level. The school uses IB’s educational system, the PYP program for students from 1. to 6. grade and the MYP program for students from 7. to 10. grade. The school have a wider range of music classes which includes choir, orchestra, dance and instrumental instruction. The school have skilled music teachers trained at the Music Academy in Oslo and the Barratt Due Institute of Music. 

After completing elementary school, students can proceed to a public/private high school or apply for the continuation of IB at Frederick II High School. Students are free to start at CIS at any grade they currently attend, and also to change to a public school at any time during the PYP or the MYP.
The school day starts 08.00 and ends 14.30 for all grades, with an hour break at midday where students are being served hot lunch in the canteen and then are free to play outside afterwards. From 14.30 to 17.00 there will be an after-school program where the students can get help with homework or choose different activities within music, dance, drama or sport. This program (SFO) is also open in the morning. This service is supplied by Barnas Kulturhus.
We primarily use digital textbooks as early as first grade, and we focus on using technology with laptops and iPads in the classrooms. Each student will have their own iPad or laptop for use at school.
CIS Fredrikstad have small classes with a maximum of 21(PYP) or 22 (MYP)  students per class. Students are admitted on an ongoing basis as they apply. We are an IBO authorised school, educating internationally minded students. You can read more about the IBO at: www.ibo.org
Our Mission Statement at Children’s International School:
”CIS Fredrikstad seeks to give students an international education that promotes the students to become lifelong learners, with a caring attitude, and a respectful approach to different cultures and beliefs.
CIS Fredrikstad wants to provide the students with a positive work environment that includes an atmosphere of cooperation and a mutual respect for other individuals’ values and ideas.
CIS Fredrikstad believes that by providing our students with a  unique opportunity and foundation to develop a knowledge and appreciation of music and the arts we can guide our students to become responsible, respectful, and open-minded citizens within a global community.”